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Komorebi (Music Video)

Updated: May 4

Since the "Bamboo Lantern Night" in Katsuura City had been a success, we decided to record a performance at the city's Küste Concert Hall. It is a nice and modern building, that has hosted international music competitions and famous Japanese bands like Kodo.

This song is called Komorebi, which means "sunbeams through the trees". It was inspired by the rich nature around Katsuura. During the hot summer, when you relax in the shade of a tree and look up at the sky, you can enjoy the play made by the glittering sunlight and the soft breeze that occasionally blows through the trees.

It was a one-take short improvisation, the crystal bowls are being stroked with 2 different types of rubber, and struck with hard wood sticks covered with leather, giving to the singing bowls a rather sharp sound. Hard sticks tend to damage the bowls however and may chip them at their rim so one must use them cautiously.

The bowls set layout is described below; each pitch being an approximation based on A=440 (I do not use perfectly tuned crystal bowls).

Baptiste Tavernier Crystal Bowls set