Trained as a percussionist since the age of 4, I have a MA in musicology from Paris University, and I am also a composer with a long experience in experimental music, sound architecture and jazz.

I take a fun but structured approach to learning crystal bowls, focusing both technical skills, both musical and therapy methodology and on breathing techniques. Lessons typically start with relaxation exercises and then move to technique and music.

【Crystal Bowls Lessons】
《Introductory Course for Beginners》

※ This 2h30 introductory course for beginners teaches basic techniques and elements of composition and improvisation. At the end of the course you will be able to perform a soundbath with several crystal bowls.


- Crystal bowls general knowledge

- Posture, breathing, the different mallets and the way to use them

- Basic strikes and play modes

- Hand independence exercises

- Bowls layout and basic playing method

- Improvisation and first solo play

Tokyo rain crystal bowls
close up.jpg

※ This course ends with you doing your first solo improvised performance. Your performance will be recorded with professional quality equipment so you can enjoy it at home later and share it with your friends.

※ A certificate of completion (Japanese and English).

※ A few tea breaks are possible during the course to relax the legs and refresh the mind.


※ We also offer lessons for intermediate and advanced students. Duration and content may vary depending on your level and goals. Please feel free to contact us.


【Lesson fee】

Introductory course for beginners:  2h30min 27,000 JPY(tax incl.)

(includes HQ recording of your solo improvisation, certificate and tea)

※ A 10% discount will be given to those who have previously participated in a sound bath or a special session.