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What Are Crystal Bowls?
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Crystal Bowls, also known as Singing Bowls, are special instruments made of pure quartz, which produce strong and beautiful vibrations that resonate within the whole body.

They are generally used during sound therapy, meditation, yoga, but can also be played as “conventional” musical instruments.

At “Crystal Bowls Tokyo”, we propose different experiences, from our regular sound baths sessions to relaxation and breathing techniques, and special events in collaboration with top Japanese yoga instructors.

We play several combinations of singing bowls that help you calm your mind, relax your body, and reconnect to your inner-self. Participants simply rest comfortably and immerse themselves in the sound waves while the pure quartz crystal bowls resonate. It results in a state of deep relaxation of the body, a peaceful mind and an enhanced awareness.

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Our lives have become so hectic nowadays that many people suffer from chronic stress, anxiety or depression. Even on vacation, we rarely find the time to truly relax and restore our health. Stress has a strong detrimental impact on both mind and body and can affect negatively many aspects of our daily life, and our relationships. It is often associated with conditions like heart disease or diabetes. 

Sound baths, performed with either crystal singing bowls or Tibetan singing bowls, create a warm environment with repetitive sound vibrations that can be used to help healing / alleviating those affections and reducing the risk of chronic disorders.

Sound healing is an ancient tradition, which produces beneficial effects on both the mind and the body. Combined with meditation and breathing techniques, sound baths performed with singing bowls can help restore a healthy balance to your body, and affect the brain positively so it releases neuro-chemicals such as serotonin, which aids regulating stress and anxiety.

Crystal bowls produce deep and complex, yet appeasing vibrations that soothes the nervous system and reduces anxiety.

During a sound bath session, participants lay down comfortably on their back, or, for more advanced practitioners, sit in a meditation posture. Each session is unique, and each participants will have a unique and personal perception of the same session, based on their personalities, life’s experience, level of stress, etc. 

After experiencing a deep state of relaxation, participants gradually come back to the “real” world, feeling lighter, brighter and more serene.

We offer regular sessions in the center of Tokyo, and around Japan during special events. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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About me

I am crystal bowls player, composer, martial artist, painter and photographer, born in France and based in Tokyo.

I started percussions at the age of four, and while playing various instruments such as saxophone, steeldrum, handpan for many years, I also began studying singing bowls. I have a Master degree in musicology from Paris University and I have been involved in various musical activities, from jazz to experimental music and contemporary dance. I moved to Japan in 2006 to study martial arts in depth at the International Budo University, focusing on both practical skills and spiritual concepts such as Zen and mindfulness (MBSR).

I now spend my time playing and explaining crystal bowls in Japan while collaborating in many different musical projects around the world.

Sessions Concept

Regular sessions at the studio are 60 minutes long, for 1 to 4 participants.

The content of each session may vary depending on the number of participants, their needs and overall state of mind, but generally a session is divided into two complementary phases:

  • an "active meditation" sequence, where participants play a crystal bowl while working on their breathing

  • a "passive" soundbath approach that induces a deep relaxation. Depending on the participant's state of mind, this phase can bring out emotions, stimulate some energies, improve concentration, or reduce stress significantly

I pay a particular attention to the final instants where participants slowly emerge and return to clock time, in order to make the transition back to the “real” world as smooth and serene as possible.

Baptiste Tavernier plays crystal bowls

If Crystal Bowls are used mostly for sound therapy and meditation, they can also be played as “conventional” musical instruments, solo, or with other instruments. I try to develop that aspect by engaging in numerous collaborations with musicians from different cultures. You can listen to some of my works on my YouTube channel.

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Relaxation & Mindfulness in the heart of Tokyo.

Regular sessions at the studio are 60 minutes long, for 1 to 4 participants.

We lend yoga mats if you don't want to bring your own. We generally close the session with some very good tea.


・Private session;  6,000 JPY

・2 people; 5,000 JPY each

・3 people; 4,000 JPY each

・4 people; 3,000 JPY each

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